“I’ve always struggled with my energy levels during exercise, but these vitamins certainly seem to have helped me”


“Helped to motivate me to do more exercise, definitely helping me keep off the weight, I would recommend”


“I’m pretty picky when it comes to nutrition, glad to have found Vive who really seem to understand me and my needs


“What a brilliant idea, love the convenience of the packs and how easily they identified what I needed based on my exercise routine, Vive is now part of my daily routine “


“Sceptical to start, now they have me hooked, certainly seem to tick the boxes for me” 


“I exercise a lot and thought I was doing everything right, but the Vive fitness consultation was certainly an eye-opener, I’ve recommended you guys to some of my friends”


“Personalised, convenient and great detail in the results specific to my answers in the consultation. 5 stars for customer service too”


“A whole new level to my weekly exercise, I kind of think of my little daily packs as my fitness boosters”


“A hell of a lot cheaper than a nutritionist and specific to fitness even managed to get my personal trainer to sign up”


Let us get to know you

Complete our free fitness consultation so we can learn about your level of fitness, workout routine, diet and most importantly your goals


Get free expert advice

Count on us to provide you with comprehensive consultation results, outlining the benefits of certain vitamins and minerals personalised for you


Achieve your fitness goals

Reach your fitness goals by understanding your bodies requirements, so you can be at your best and see the results you want to see

Superior Quality and Excellent Value

We believe in the best

We’re serious about the quality of our products. All of our supplements are formulated by professionals and manufactured under strict conditions, so you can be confident you’re getting the best quality, every time.

We pass the savings to you

We believe a personalised vitamin subscription shouldn’t cost the earth. At Vive we sell directly to you, which means we cut the overheads incurred by high-street stores and supermarkets, passing this saving directly on to you.

Why Vive is the Smartest Choice as Your Fitness Companion

01Tailored to Your Fitness Goals
02Exceptional Value
03Superior Quality

Tailored to Your Fitness Goals

28 personalised daily vitamin packs delivered directly to your door. No more opening endless amounts of bottles. Just one cool little vitamin pack per day.

Exceptional Value

On average our products are 35% cheaper than buying the equivalent supplements on the high street.

Superior Quality

Ingredients sourced from around the world to bring you the best version of each nutrient your body needs.

What are your goals?

  • Circuits Circuits
  • Running Running
  • Recovery Recovery
  • Strength Strength
  • Cardio Cardio
  • Pilates Pilates
  • Yoga Yoga
  • Crossfit Crossfit
  • Cycling Cycling
  • Swimming Swimming

Are you lacking essential vitamins and nutrients your body needs while exercising?

Just as important as an excellent diet to fuel your body when exerting all those calories on your run or at the gym, is to make sure your body has all the essential vitamins and nutrients it needs to perform at it’s best. Lack of energy or feeling exhausted, slow to recover, DOMS or not seeing the results you want to see can all be a result of vitamin deficiencies.

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